I didn’t really eat today but I’m not that hungry my cousins are over and playing twister and I’m just on my phone tmrw I go to a new therapist hopefully it doesn’t suck lol

I s2g this baby is killing me

I’m Jewish af but that’s ok because I’m so amazing i feel like I deserve to be a person


frogs and snails and fairies live there and so I sleep in hopes they will find me

K sry I’m making so many personal posts rn but I think I’m starting to lose weight like I’m starting to look thin again and my pants almost fit and I look cute rn :))

People have literally told me I’d be a terrible mother but I’d be such a good mom I can’t wait till I can raise a child id do such a good job like I think it’s the one thing I’d be good at

I want my baby to look like the baby from weeds and he’ll also have a cute hebrew name a little jewish bb w green eyes omg and also I don’t think I would eat raw butter even if u paid me 10,000 dollars that’s the truth 420

i got out of bed, i showered, got dressed, made coffee—- this is the most i have done in days, im slightly less gross now

I let you in. I fucking let you in and you completely destroyed me.
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i tried to puke and just like stomach acid came out thats all that ever happens 

omg i want 2 p u ke