I love Chinese food

ffffUUU  ccck KK    dduccdde



This is so beautiful.

Literally I don’t fucking know if this is a big deal or not

Lmao whaT THE Fuck is wrong w me

Oh. My godddd :((?

I gained a lot of weight haha I’m starving myself for 52 days


*is shy and quiet but also nasty as fuck*

Basically there’s just some shit I learned to keep to myself so I can protect what’s left of my brain function from terrible fucking drugs and being watched 24/7 lmao now I need a cigarette

My parents are like ‘I don’t understand how she was on such a strong medication he said she needed and now she’s off it and doing so much better?’ Like bc I didn’t need it!! He was lying to you!! Literally just making shit up?!

Like he put me on it I guess so I wouldn’t cut myself? But I cut myself bc of him and the shit he made me go through so jokes on you haha

I’m just so upset that my old doctor had me so heavily medicated for so long and fucking ruined a year of my life and wouldn’t let me go off it and it didn’t fucking help it made things so much worse I fucking hate doctors so much and the shit they’re making my parents believe like FUCK U GUYS